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About Us:

Web Assist Solutions is a division of SSPI a Murfreesboro based company that has the experienced staff to meet the needs of your business.  Our staff members have developed applications and networks for Fortune 50 size companies, major automotive companies, online retailers, small manufacturers, retail stores, and real estate agencies.  Each staff member has over twenty years of professional experience in the field and one even has two US copyrights!  Most of our staff also have at a minimum a four year degree in Computer Science or Computer Engineering.  We believe appropriate related education and years of experience in the field along with a list of prominent local business that can attest to the success they have achieved through our work is the best reference  we can provide.  Please contact us today and let us help you grow your business!

With our years of experience we know that more than just marketing your business is necessary for sucess.  We understand how critical it is to your business for its electronic data to always be available.  When we design a solution for your business, it will always be based on sound business principles and will  include a disaster recovery plan, and a business continuity plan.  We provide a complete solution done right the first time at very competitive rates. Our  goal is to enable your business to grow and our systems will provide tools for that growth.



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